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Although I am a student, this project is not for school. I am trying to make a program that blocks an application from running. The irritating program resists having it's process ended (it automatically restarts via another process that also cannot be terminated). However, I have found that the application can be suspended. Using System Explorer, or Process Viewer, I can find that my application will suspend the process (meaning that is suspends all of its threads), but it can't detect a suspend!

When I did a search online, I get a whole bunch of code in C++ (which I have no clue as to its workings), and nothing in VB. From one person on Stack Overflow, they said:

"If I remember correct you can use NtQuerySystemInformation for this purpose. With NtQuerySystemInformation you can get SYSTEM_PROCESS_INFORMATION structure by iterating over array of SYSTEM_PROCESS_INFORMATION and looking for the PID of the target process. You can find detailed description of SYSTEM_PROCESS_INFORMATION in Wine sources here. After you get process information structure just look at SYSTEM_THREAD_INFORMATION where you can check state of thread. For more details about structures and enums look at Wine sources." (

But it doesn't make any sense to me!?! Can anybody please help clarify this, or provide an alternative way that can work in

Any help would be much appreciated.

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