Hi Guys,
I am developing a VB application along with MS Access... When I initially load my form I need to put my application to sleep for 3 seconds or else data wont load properly. So for this 3 seconds I would like to show a progress bar displaying a message "Please wait..."
I tried using background worker but did not find any success... I have gone through many tutorials but for some reason could not accomplish the task...
Could you please help me ...

Thank you

Make all the Controls in the Form disabled, and at the Form load make the Progress bar to be loaded, Use an timer control to be filling the Status bar for 3 seconds, when ever the Progress bar value reaches maximum write a code to enable all the remaining controls. But, you have to check the progress bar value is reached maximum or not every time by a Timer control or use a for loop to change the Progress bar value.


What you also can do is to create a splasscreen.
In that screen you can add some program information like Name, programmers, version, etc...
Add a progressbar and when the value reach 3 sec. then show the form load.

Hi LUC001,
It was a very good suggestion.. and by mistake I clicked the down arrow and you must have got the negative rating... Really sorry for that... Lemme know if I can amend it

Hi ashwinshenoy,

No problem :)
I'm pleased that my suggestion helped you for your application.



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