Hi, I'm wondering what which IDEs people use to develop C++ with. I am learning c++ from a background in Java, I am used to eclipse and recently installed Visual Studio.

Now, eclipse comes with loads of auto-complete stuff. For example If i write a function and it doesn't exist in that class I can hover over it and it will "suggest" a few things, if i choose say "add this function to x class" then it shoves it in and I dont have instead of writing 5 lines of code i can write 1. In c++ this would be even more usefull, because of the header file it saves loads of faffing arround.

Anyway, its full of time savers like this which makes writing code really fast (also really neat) but Visual studio has none of these usefull features, other than the intilisense (ie suggesting what you allready have as members of a class)

I would want to use Visual Studio (unless there really is a better alternative) because I am used to it the most, I use it at work and there is alot of material (for exaple setting up Ogre3D and Box2D has tutorials in Visual Studio, MinGW seems like a real pain to set up.

Is there any way I can improve Visual Studio (plugins etc?) or just features I am missing?

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