Is anyone interested in helping an RHCE learn python. I'm reading right now, but I have some scripts I need to write that will help a University "Linux Security" class. The scripts will be used to grade case studies.


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well I couldn't pay you, but I could use the help with writing scripts for a case study written by a Professor. The case study will be re-wriitten afterwards to reflect objectives based off the current case study.

sorry no money, but a sense of pride that you helped a University and a student. Your name will also be inside the script as credit given for helping. I'm not asking you to write the script, but act as a mentor.



Well, in that case you should re-post your thread in the job offers forums or in Project Partners Wanted. Even if there isn't money being exchanged, this is the kind of help that can't really be done through a forum thread, so you're not really going to get a lot of help here.


Ok, thanks! I am new to this forum, the advice does help.


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