I want to add a series of buttons, but I don't know what it is called, which makes it difficult to look into.

In my scenario, I want a list of four buttons. Each button has an on or an off status (pressed or unpressed). The user would be able to select any combination of the four buttons (the ones selected would be indented or have an image that would change or something).

I'd then be able to look at which keys were selected and complete actions based on those values.

Any ideas what I'm talking about or where I should begin?

Hi, would you mind describling your issue a bit better? I really dont understand what would you like to achive. But somehow I would say choosing Buttons for this task isnt the right option. Have you thought of what Momerath has proposed to you?
If you think differently, please go ahead and explain a bit mor precise.

Thanks for the thoughts. I wanted to achieve the same basic functionality of the checkboxes, but I didn't want any checkboxes to actually be displayed, and I wanted to it look more elegant.

What I ended up doing is a series of different rows/images and updates values based on the click event.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Ok, if you still have any doubts about using button, let us know, ok?