I have a small problem when I edit cells in my datagrid.
If I leave my cursor in the cell I just edited. and runds the updatecommand
the cell does not update the edited value.
But if I leave the cell before I run the updatecmmand it does.

Anyone who remember what I can do to fix this?

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Post your code with explanation.

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Post your code with explanation.

My update code looks like this:

If Kalkyle1DataSet.Tables("Materialer_total").GetChanges(DataRowState.Added Or DataRowState.Modified Or DataRowState.Deleted) Is Nothing Then
                    'there are no changes
                End If

And this works great, but my problem is when the marker/Cursor or whatever it it called is still blinking in the cell after I hav edited a value, this cell will not be saved with the new value but all the others is working as they should.

Is there sameting in the datagridview method that I can use to sort this problem out?

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