..hello im here again.. can someone help me about this?.. i wanted to show the name of an employee once he/she typed the correct id number and password.. and it will show the name into the name textbox... same as the the current time once the user clicked the time in button it will show into the time-in txtbox...same to the time-out

but i dont have any idea how its logic goes.. can u pls.. help me for some codes?.. im doing a Daily time record system..

--thankx in advance.. please help..

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its from the database..
i just want to show the name of the user once they typed the correct
password and id no. ..


I assume that are you capable to retrieve data from database so i just give you the query sting for searching if both user name and password match it return record

str="select Emp_name from Emp_table where Emp_name='"+empname.text+"' And Emp_pass='"+emppass.text+"'"

Emp_name , Emp_pass is the column name in your database
empname , emppass is the name of textbox in your form

fill your dataset by using this query string and check if get record in dataset then display in textbox other display message.
I hope it will help you other feel free to ask with you work.

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