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Not entirely sure if this is even possible as have yet to find a solution anywhere for this but here goes.

The form currently looks at a database and pulls a text name from location:


The resultant text entry from this location, for example: "loc_fvh_Flowers", will then be compared against an array of every location possible in the program.

Is it possible to, when a match is found, the use the "loc_fvh_Flowers" as a reference and effectively add

.BackColor = Color.Crimson

Onto it to make:

loc_fvh_Flowers.BackColor = Color.Crimson

Which is the full code to change the object colour to crimson.

The issue being in being able to get the value from the array of the location reference, concatenate it with the end of the command and then execute the command.

All help appreciated and many thanks in advance,