I want to create checkbox inside drop down list box using swings pls some one help me

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I can't any knowledge that some "drop down list box" exist,

you'll need to bother and send your code here


Instead of trying to make it work, you should redesign your application. It does not make sense to have a drop down list with check boxes in it... If you are doing that, it would be very confuse to users anyway...

Also, please use good English (or understandable) when you post. This is a forum, not a text messaging place.

//"Even i also dnt no thats y askin" -> "Even I also don't know. That's why I am asking"


Eh??? I am not sure what you mean? :P What I was saying from my understanding is that the TC wants to have a drop down list which contain check box inside as its list instead of just a list. That's why it is odd.

[_______][v]        [_________][v]
|list 1 |           | x list1 |
|list 2 |           | _ list2 |
|list 3 |           | _ list3 |
|_______|           |_________|
a normal            what he wants
drop down

You could think of a select tag in HTML. He may want it similar to 'multiple' select options but he is thinking about using checkbox instead?

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no this request (drop down list) doesn't related with Java, that's coming from old MFC (.Net) and MsOffice

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yes there are exists lots of examples (JDatePicker, JCalendar, SwingX) and excelent workArounds, too
are composite with/from JComponents
- JTextField, JFormattedTextField or JSpiner
- JButton with Icon + Action / ActionListener
- JDialog (with many methods how to hide JDialog on FocusLost)

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