I have a problem. I have a project that consists of 4 forms(Form1,Form2,Form3,Form4).
I usually debugged this project.
Now I might have done something stupid. I deleted the all 4 .h files. I did keep Form1.h file because I was doing a small program out of that file and compiled it in "Release mode" to C:\\Release.

Now I have a big problem to open my Original project that consists of those 4 Forms that from the beginning had their .h file each of them.
I do have ALL other Files left in the folders and the Application.exe files that also lies inside here Do open my original project that consists of the 4 Forms which means that I haven´t "Compiled over" something.

The project is there but I can´t reach the 4 .h files for each form so I can open my project. The project properties is in Release mode to C:\\Release for this small software that is located in Form1.h which I have intact.

Now for example for Form2, I have those files left which goes for the other forms too:

Form2 (Object File)
Form2 (.NET Managed Resources File)
Form1.Form2.resources (RESOURCES File)

What can I do to open my project?

Thank you

Look into .NET Reflector (a legal program that has a free version). It's normally used for C# and VB, but there seem to be some add-ins for C++/CLI that are out there (I've never used any of them, so I can't attest to their validity). You're probably better off trying to retrieve the actual deleted .h files using your favorite utilities package, it will likely be a lot less trouble.

If you are on windows, it probably in your trash, which you can restore.

Yes I tried with this restore but I coudn´t find them, it only could find file that were modified the last 2 days and it came up thousands of files. I haven´t modified so many files in 2 days. Is there any software that can go back to August 2010?

The problem is that the files was thrown somwhere in August 2010. But I didn´t use the computer at all for 4 months also.

I have to ask also, let say you throw away the header files as I did.

Is it possible to recreate them from All the other files I have in my project? To build the project in any special way?