can anyone help me with this java coursework please? i am lost and don't know what to do and where to start. this is coursework, implement a peice of software suitable for use by a cinema. the system should be capable of providing information about films currently showing, and of the availability of seats in the cinema. th system should allow for seats to be booked either individually or as a block. for example a block 3 seats would require 3 adjacent seats to be booked together. thank you let me knw as soon as possible

Sorry, but nobody here is likely to do your homework for you. If you're having trouble with code you've written, post the code and I'm sure you'll find some assistance.
To get started on a project like this, identify the entities involved - who does what and with which and to whom, in the old limerick - and figure out how you can represent them in data.
For example, you'll have seats, which are in rows. Let's suppose that the seats are arranged in a rectangular grid, to make it easy. Let's suppose that nobody has a preference for one location over another, to make it easy. Now, you could represent a row of seats as an array of booleans (occupied or not), that might work. Or maybe seats have other characteristics or behaviors, and you want to define a Seat object - I don't know, it's your program and your client. But then you have to figure out some way to replicate that structure for each showing. Selling a seat for the 7:30 show of Triplets of Belleville doesn't affect that seat for the 9:00 showing of Amelie, right? (Unless they're a double feature! Gotcha! But you can ignore double features for now) So you need to figure out some way of associating those rows of seats with a particular event: a showing of a film. Perhaps you need a Film object, which has (among other things) a time, a theater (you are running a multi-plex, right?), a price (second-run clunkers are cheaper than current blockbusters), and a set of seats, however you represent those.

So now you have a structure starting to show up. Work out what objects you'll need and build them. Come back when you've got some code, and we'll talk.