KK I've been using mouse_eventf for clicking buttons in another application..

To do this I've done GetClientRect to get the size of the client and then click the button at a certain distance from one edge of the client...

What I noticed that is that if the user's computer is slow as hell and I run this command, it just moves onto the next command..

I want it to wait until a window shows up ON SCREEN.. or detect if the button was clicked in another app.

Or is there a way to read text in the other app??

P.S. Originally I was going to do something like:
If FindBitmapIn(x,y, x2, y2) then Mouse_Eventf(x,y,0,0,0); But I realized thats kinda impossible in c++

Or if FindWindow(0, "asfsd") then Mouse_Eventf(x,y,0,0,0); but the reason this doesnt work is that even when the window is minimized to the systray, it will move the mouse no matter what.