Hello All,

I have a little experience with C programming but from last 2-3 years i didnt use C.
Now i have to develop a GUI which can send and receive data via RS232.
Basically i have to send via CAN (Control Area Network) which is a BUS use in Automotive Industry for communication in Autobile for fast response.

Please tell me about GUI and RS232 Communication.
I have develop a GUI in MS Visual Studio, but i dont know about to connect the GUI buttons to the RS232 and how will they send the data....

GUI and RS232 serial port program are unrelated. Here is a list of the Windows Communications Functions. Start out by calling CreateFile() to open the serial port, then BuildCommDCB() to set up the port configuration (stop bits, data bits, parity, etc). Then ReadFile() to read from the port and WriteFile() to write to the port.

Here is a more thorough explanation with a few sample programs