i was given a project to develop a software that will perform or aid the function of a community pharmacist and i am using a desktop standalone java application,which will be well garnished with GUI component, and will be a distributed system(RMI),and also to use Artificial intelligence technique to implement the function of prescribing drugs based on lab report submitted by a patient(s) and the application must of course implement a Database....i need little help on how to implement the Artificial intelligent part....Thanks

Um... that sounds like it's sort of your job, isn't it? I mean, if can I design an AI capable of doing prescription based on a lab report (something humans aren't all that good at, I should point out) then wouldn't I want to sell that to someone?

That said, I'd certainly enjoy kibitzing your design, if you want to tell us how you're going about it. Not that I know anything about AI, mind you, but I like to learn stuff.

Sounds complicated to me. :P If you really want to implement a real AI, you need to design and create an AI agent first. Then you teach it by passing certain amount of data, so it can learn. Now, what approach you want it to learn? Decision tree? That's not really efficient at all... Maybe neural network would be the easiest one. Though, it may not be the best. There are many other approaches to teach your agent... How about partial planner? That would be one of the most efficient ways but can be very complex... Only for AI approaches, it will take you a whole semester to learn them (may not be all). If you have a project which requires AI, then you should have learned all of those approaches before hand... I can tell you that the project is not small at all...

I was thinking it wasn't that difficult until I reached the part about AI. That said, the two people who posted before me are definitely right. It's not gonna be too easy. But, I believe, the first thing you'd need to know is which type of AI you want to implement as there is quite a few different ones.

Taywin thanks for your advice, but i will go with the partial planner,so i will need your help,skyelher and jon thanks too