Hi guys, im trying to develop a library system.. i actually don't know how to implement/create a code on filtering a certain search for a certain book by using keywords.. any code snippets out there?

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Do you know how to use ADO, DAO, RDO? Do you know what a select query is? Have you ever heard of the Data Form Wizard?

You have left al lot of information out of your request like...

Database type (Access, MySQL, SQL, Progress, Alpha5, FoxPro, dBase, Text Files, Oracle, and so on)

Database Structure (Table(s) name, Field name(s))

Good Luck


im using ADO.. and database is MS Access.

im not that good in SQL/sequel.. i use the SELECT in getting information from a certain table..

here is the information of the books table where i want to make some filtering:
field names: ISBN,Title,Author,Abstract,Description,Publisher, CopyRightYear,Category,UnitPrice.

the filter starts from a simple combobox wherein there are lists to choose on. aside from the combobox there are added 2 textboxes to filter more the search, like an advance search. In the filtering what i actually want to happen is that it filters the word that i have typed and displays it in a datagrid.

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