Hai guys,
I am a newbie here, maybe you know about my problem.

this is VB source code :
ReDim parent.Individuals(maxPop) As Individual
ReDim offspring.Individuals(maxPop) As Individual
Do While bil < maxPop
bil_gen = 0
ReDim parent.Individuals(bil).Gen(batas_gen) As Genetik
parent.Individuals(bil).Genome = AssignValue(1)
List3.AddItem parent.Individuals(bil).Genome

bil = bil + 1

now, I use Qt that little different with VB.
I don't know how to make "ReDim" in "C". Do you know ??
Thanx for all your help

can you tell me more about it ???

can you tell me more about it ???

Yes, but I'll give you a better option since realloc is generally not a good idea in C++. Use a std::vector object instead of an array, then you can call the resize member function.

can you tell me more about it ???