Hey guys , im creating a messenger via VB.NET Using eBuddy, I need to have a status and in the status i need it to update every second. The status is in label3 and i tried to put this code on form load but it doesnt change constantly only once.

        If WebBrowser1.DocumentText.Contains("Please fill in the correct username and password.") Then
            Label3.Text = "STATUS: Please Enter Correct Details OR Failed Loging In"

            Label3.Text = "STATUS: Please Login"
        End If
        If WebBrowser1.DocumentText.Contains("Loading your buddy list") Then
            Label3.Text = "STATUS: Logging In"
        End If
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Add a Timer to your form and set the Interval to 1000 (1 second).
Place your code (or a Call to it) in the timer Tick event.
Call myTimerName.Start() in the form Load event and myTimerName.Stop() in the FormClosing event.



Re: [VB.Net] Status in program - Please help 80 80

ah man i tried it and it didnt work . Thanks for the help anyways. Anyone else have a suggestion?

Re: [VB.Net] Status in program - Please help 80 80

Wait , I made it work using the timer tick event thanks alot ,
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