Bit new to this and I am only scratching the surface on programming and scripting so forgive me if this is an overasked question! :) Or if this thread is in the wrong location.

I am looking to trigger or autorun (not CD) a .bat to run/start by using an .exe for ex.

User runs Skype.exe or Notepad.exe or whatever.exe

this triggers Example.bat to run and perform its pre-assigned commands

If not is it possible to do this using .vbs scripts? Or even better a .bat programmed to run when certain events are true like a certain keystroke for ex.

If the user was to enter in notepad the characters "123" this would trigger a .bat file to run.

Any help is appreciated :)

Sorry If I can't make it any clearer but I have trouble getting my own head around how I approach asking about it and understanding all the terminology!

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Can I ask why you want to do this?

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Can I ask why you want to do this?

Well I'd like to run an .exe to trigger a .bat to open a series of programs

I know I can just convert the .bat to an .exe but I will be making some changes to the .bat in regard to which programs are opened and its more convenient to have an .exe trigger the .bat Because the commands will change frequently and to save the hassle of constantly converting updated .bat's

And the reason for this is because other users (that I've given permission too) will be using the computer to do some projects for me when I am tied up and I want them to just be able to click an .exe named "Project Programs" which will load an audio editing program, midi editing program and a few other related programs.

But I don't want to leave the .bat on the desktop in case they accident select edit, I will have the batch file commanded to do its job and all they have to do is select "Project Programs.exe" then the batch runs its commands :)

And the second with the "123" triggering a .bat, well thats curiosity to be honest :) I seen my friend do something similar and I'm interested to know how it works!

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