I have completed one project but I would like that on every 1st April when I click copytable command botton from VB6, a copy of the table with blank records under the same database should be created with new name having same field name so that my data for the new financial year is stored in it.
The moment new table is created the a new year should be added in the combo box kept for selecting the year. So that I may have the option to see both years record by selecting year from combo box.


(Kehar )


You failed to mention what kind of database. Access, MySQL, SQL, Progress, Alpha, Oracle, Fox Pro?

However, for most of those it is as simple as having a lookup table to populate your combo box and to change the table your queries look to. BUT, for some things like triggers, stored proceedures, and such, this will make your job a little harder as you will need to alter those to either accept a parameter or to look up in your lookup table to build their functionality.

So, in short, for us to help you better we will need to know what is your backend.

Good Luck

Oh sorry. I am using Access as backend and VB6 as frontend.
and using ADO connection.
Pl write comprehensive code for the problem.



Its always a Good Idea To Create a Seperate Database for each Financial year. Just copy the existing database as new one using "FILECOPY" and clear tables ..


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