Is there any good C++ editor for Windows 7 ????
Generally turbo c++ takes 100% CPU processing in windows 7
so i am in search of a good and advanced c++ editing tool for windows 7
Is there any????


A C++ editor is just a text file editor; some people use emacs or vim, some use notepad or notepad++, some use an editor within a dedicated IDE such as Visual Studio - there are a vast number of text editors to choose from. Some of them have built in support for colour-coding and indentation and so forth; some do not.

I suspect you actually want a whole IDE. Visual Studio Express edition is popular, although I tend towards emacs for editing and hand-crafted makefiles myself. It's entirely up to you.

there are many IDE visual studio express,netbeans,eclipse much more,google and choose the one that suit ebtter to you.

visual studio is the most standard choice even with the bad text editor that it has :P

Pretty much in my order of preference (note that it might not be yours):

1. Code.Blocks (free, with MinGW GCC)
1. Visual Studio 2010 (or Visual C++ Express (free))
2. Eclipse C++ (free, but you need to install and configure your compiler of choice yourself)

Things to look for that I find useful is fast background parsing that can highlight the code (i.e. recognize variable names and types, and color them such that you see right away if you made a typo by checking if it got highlighted correctly), code completion (i.e. you type the start of a variable name or type and it completes it for you by scanning (efficiently) your code-base), good support for external build systems (like cmake or makefiles), good debugging features, etc. Mostly, Code.Blocks and Visual Studio achieve this fairly well (I do find that Code.Blocks' code completion and background parsing is a bit slow though). I actually prefer, above all, KDevelop 4, because it scores the best on all the above criteria, but it's only for Linux.

As for compilers:
1. MinGW GCC 4.5 (or newer) (there is a good deal of improvement from 4.4 to 4.5, and 4.6)
2. Comeau (not free, but cheap, great standard compliance (better than any other compiler for this))
3. Intel Compiler Collection (ICC) (if you can afford it, it has great performance and great compliance, but works best for Intel architectures)
4. Microsoft Visual C++ compiler (poor quality on all fronts (performance, standard compliance, and helpful error reports), but it is fairly widely used anyways, just because it's microsoft)

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