I am looking for ideas to develop a map
I'm looking for source code with c # to develop this map

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I want to develop a simple map with some cities
I am interested in Google Earth
I want to develop an application with C # similar to google earth
the map should be simple containing just towns with roads between them
just graph


hmm...I'm still lost.

The images on Google Earth are copyrighted by their respective owners, Google has a license to use them.

Are you going to draw the maps yourself and use image files?

If you intend to use the data from Google Maps, I would check out the Google API page to see if theres something that could help, but I don't think it's there. Google lets you use their maps on your website, not software (I could be wrong though).

If you want to create a software application that mimics the functionality of Google Earth, the 3D part is beyond me, a flat image would probably be easier. A picture box could be re-drawn with new data if you drag your mouse over it using events.

Someone else could probably help you better though, I'm just throwing ideas out there.


Thank you for the clarification
I think to develop my application
to use an image and insert it into the application then I assign to each site coordinates (x, y)
but the problem remains how to make links between cities
because I want when I selected two cities seems a path?


Look into a Graphics API like OpenGL or DirectX for your graphics.

But if you just want a line between two points, look into the Graphics.DrawLine() function.

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