Ive got some quetions and hope someone has the answere.

When I create a project i vs and want to have one gui what do I chose, console application or what?

When I in the same project want to add a class do I then chose "add class"?

If I want to build a solution with vs, where does the exe file end up?

Hope someone can enlighten me.

To build a GUI, choose Windows Forms Application for the project type. A console application is one that runs on a command line or via a batch file.

You are correct about adding a class.

Your exe file will be created in your bin folder from where you save your project unless you change the properties of your project.

When I have one class and one GUI in the same project and want to compile them together how I do?

They depend on each other...

Anything in the project will be compiled if it needs to be (if you compile, make changes to one file, then compile again it just recompiles the one file and the final exe/dll to save time).

Thanks for your help. Now the problem is solved.