hii everyone

i am mohit a student from chitkara university,solan, himachal pradesh.
i just want to create a chat server in java like facebook...
please help me for this task.just give me basic idea how i can implement this thing..

Here are some points to think about before you open your java editor:

1. What is the simplest thing you can do to make it work?
2. How many people do you want to chat with at one time?
3. How do you identify the person/people participating in the chat?
4. What is the communication mechanism you will use?
5. Will you save the contents of the conversations?
6. How will you handle error conditions (communication failures, etc.)
7. What does the user interface look like for each user?
8. How will you test each "unit" of the code?

As you think about each point, refer back to point number 1.
Once you have the simplest possible solution working, you can consider additional features, enhancements, etc.