I realise some members have discussed this topic before but it seems quite complex. I'm starting Java and have a longterm goal of creating an internet messanger for school computers. I was just wondering what the pseudocode of this project/task would be.


I assume you're talking about some sort of chat program? You will find many examples on the internet. The things you need to learn are network programming, ie Socket and ServerSocket classes, and multi-threading. Depending on how complex you want to make it, just using google can already help you quite a lot. Some basic GUI programming is always handy, but you can just as well make it a console application.

Just search 'java networking tutorial' or something related. You'll see chat-program examples popping up, as generally it's pretty easy to set up.

Thanks for the advice. I've found a few, if you find any good links feel free to post them. Could you expand on the GUI programming? I've Googled it quickly and can't seem to find a straight and simple English answer to what it is. Thanks for your help though. Does anyone know the pseudo code, or steps to go through (in English) so I can briefly understand the range in complexity and how I'd go about doing it, in Java? I'm hopefully planning on making it available on Android phones so that they can access the instant messanger too - just to let you know where I'm planning on heading.

First go through this tutorial to understand the basics of network programming: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/networking/index.html

GUI programming is the programming of a graphical user interface, ie a window with buttons, text areas and so on. If you're not familiar with it, I suggest you do one thing at a time, and since your main goal is to develop a chat program, I suggest doing first what I wrote here a couple lines above. To give you pseudocode wouldn't help much since there's a lot of new stuff to be learned, and I can't explain it any better than the people in the tutorial. Good luck and let us know if you get stuck.

Thanks for the link. However I would argue that the pseudo code is fundamental to be able to forsee what things to learn, what I'd need to consider, and how to understand some of the example code for internet messangers out there. Is it a case of you don't know, or that it is genuinely not useful? I take GCSE computing at my school and we've been instructed to always write out the pseudo code before we start a project. If you could provide it, that would be great. In terms of the GUI programming, I am fairly familiar with it (never heard of it being called GUI programming though), I've done a fair bit with visual basic. I'm guessing GUI programming is the first step, and then to program the buttons and so on, am I right? If you come across anymore helpful links that would be much appreciated, thanks.

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