I have big problem..I don't know how to read delimited file line by line.
for example:

my csv file looks like this
Michael;Jackson;Beat it;
Jay;Kay;Supersonic;Cosmic Girl;Star Child;

program has to:
take name and put it into texbox1
take last name and put it into textbox2
Songs (each song) should be shown in messagebox. (list of songs may vary for each artists (from 1-20)

I dunno how to read delimited file line by line...(beginning of the line starts the process again for each line)

thx for help in advance!

What have you got so far? You need to:
Open file for reading
While there are more lines
Read a line
Split line into parts
Put parts into correct fields
End While
Close file

Work on doing each one of those, and you'll be done.

Hmm I dunno how to split line into parts (and maybe to put it into array?)

I believe what you are probably looking for is this.

Hope that helps :)