We want to write two peograms:
I: write a program from the investor takes the values ​​of r, n (where r, n positive values ​​greater than the correct one)
And calculates the total shown in relation (1) and shows the value
And then calculates the total of the relationship (2) and shows the value
Note: This program prevents the use of instruction for and can be usedas power continued ()Math.pow
Where 1 is the sequential mathematical and 2 is the relationship between total sequential

II:We want to write a program the same functionality but does not take the values ​​of n, r from the user, but is calculated directly from the totals for n takes the values ​​8, 9, 10 and for r takes the values ​​2.3, 4.
In other words, the result will be calculated for each binary n, r by the previous section.
Instruction for use in this program

the relationships are:
P(r,n)= sum r pow i ....(1)
P(r,n)= sum r pow i = r pow n+1 _1 / r-1 ...(2)

You are going to have to show some effort(like as much code as you can do before you can't go any farther) or ask very specific questions in order to get help. No one on here is going to do your homework for you.