I need a macro that will search an excel spreadsheet for a specific text. If the text is found than I need it to store a value from a neighboring cell then procede to search the rest of the sheet and in the end sum all the values found and display the results in a specific cell.

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So far I have been getting by with just a ton of if/then statements at the far end of my spread sheet. The spreadsheet is an organization chart with cell groups representing people within the company and in one specific cell, their position. In another cell, also specific to the represented person, is the amount of weeks they will be on the job. The amount of weeks for common to a position (manager, laborer, etc) need to be totalled. I have no code experience and am presently going through whatever free tutorials I can find online, but any help is appreciated.


post what you've done, just take out important data replace with any data to simulate what you're trying to achieve..

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