hey guys! as the title hints at i'm having a problem with updating a table so just to give you an idea of the issue i'll give you a quick idea of what the JTable is expected to do(this is all coded but i'll save you some time and summerize)
load data from a file
store the data into a linked list where each node is a left to right row
call loadgui() which creates everything but the table
loadgui calls createtable() which creates a new table and then converts each node into a row in the table then places the new table into the gui

Node current = Global.GlobalLinkedList.HeadNode;
        for(int i=0; i<Global.GlobalLinkedList.size(); i++) {
           column = 0;
           table.setValueAt(current.getAddress(), i, column);
            column = column +1;
           table.setValueAt(current.getClassName(), i, column);
           column = column +1;
           table.setValueAt(current.getGrade(), i, column);
           column = column +1;
           table.setValueAt(current.getParentName(), i, column);
           column = column +1;
           table.setValueAt(current.getStudentName(), i, column);
           column = column +1;
           table.setValueAt(current.getTeacher(), i, column);
           column = column +1;
           table.setValueAt(current.getAmountPaid(), i, column);

i have a delete row button which calls the loadgui() which calls createtable() but instead of updating the table with one less entry it creates a new on over top of the pre-existing one.
any ideas on how to fix this?
i can drop some of the methods if it helps