I need help. I have a project that I have to hand in within 3 days. My mind goes blank everytime I read the requirements, This is the question:

You are required to create 15 random strings. The user should then be asked whether he wants these strings sorted in ascending or descending order. The original strings plus the sorted ones should then be displayed accordingly.

and as you write the programme there should be comments explaining what I did. Help me please

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How are you mate? I been trying the past 2 days I even asked help of my mates. I have a little Idea about the topic but with all honesty I can't pull them all together. To make it more clear, I don't know how to start sorting the strings, I already know how to start a class and all.

That's why I need help with just one string and I'll know how to sort the other 14.


I think that means sort the 15 strings. It makes no sense to sort just one String.
If you put your 15 Strings into an Array there are methods to sort that array (have a look at the Arrays class).


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Well the link I provided is fine.

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