Good day,

First of all, is it possible to have a single report from two different tables? Because I have been reading articles that are saying that it is not possible and a subreport should be implemented? Can anyone clarify this for me?

I've been retrieving the fields that I need for my report with inner join sql statement and setting it as the data source of the report that I had created but it doesn't show up when the crystal report viewer is loaded. I had the correct syntax based on testing on what is retrieved by the statement, the only problem is how should it be shown in a single report.

Any help will do and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hello, Urataru -

Where are you storing the results of your join? If you are storing them in a new table, you should be able to query that table directly and produce the report you are seeking.

But to answer your question directly, yes. You can have a single report from two (or more) tables.

The simplest way to achieve this is to store the query results in a new table.

I hope this helps.

I am storing the results of my query to a dataset, whenever I want information to be reported from the database I query it and a dataset catches the query then I set it as the reportsource for crystal report to show.

I had correctly retrieved the fields that I need but when I set it as the reportsource it doesn't in the report view. What should I do?

Thanks again David.

Why don't you user inner join in querying your data in the report.....
See if it helps....