hey what program when given 3 numbers outputs true if the numbers form a pythagorean triplet

thanks however both references explain what they are im looking more for the program in python that says whether the input is true or false meaning is it a triplet or not. Example input is 5 12 13 7 24 25 1.5 2 2.5 1 1 2 39 80 89
output is true true false false true

Then you can use math.hypot, output is though (True, True, True, False, True) for your example, if you do not test first that values are all integers, so first check for that, then you get (True, True, False, False, True).

Did you make it? If so it is good to mark thread solved

unfortunatly that method cant be used the requirment is if statements which im lost in

And how would you do it without if statement? I do not understand.