I was wondering if it's possible for me to create a Digital Sound Processing (DSP) program using Python. Basically, I don't know anything about how I would do this and I would like somebody to point me in the right direction. I don't want somebody to write code, but I would like someone to point me in the right direction so I have a starting point. If somebody knows a good site on DSP and DSP algorithms (ie. how to edit the sound to get certain effects). If you find something on mixing or how to make an audio editing program using Python that would be great. I've had a look myself but can't find much, so I'm hoping somebody already knows somewhere to go for this :)
I'm also happy to delve into C++ if that would be better :)
Thanks :)

I had a look at TkSnack but it didn't exactly offer what I wanted. That kind of thing is good, but I would like to make a program similar (in features) to iRig. If you haven't heard of iRig, it allows you to plug your guitar into your iPod touch and use the iPod as an amplifier with sound effects (distortion, reverb etc.)
I would also like to know about the algorithms behind the effects so that I could completely create the program myself entirely. I guess I'll have to use pySnack if there isn't anything else :)
Don't worry if you haven't got anything, I'll have plenty of time for using google in the holidays :L