i have written immanence java program and now i have been asked to create sequence diagram for it. i am really unfamiliar with uml therefore i was wondering are there any good reverse engineering programs that would create sequence diagrams for me?
p.s project has been written using netbeans

any suggestions will be appreciated
Thank you

I've lost count of how many round-trip UML/code tools I've tried, but not one of them was any good for anything more than a simple class diagram. If anyone knows of an exception I would be genuinely grateful for details...
Also, if you are unfamiliar with UML you'll have no way of knowing whether anything generated by a tool was any good.
This may not be the advice you wanted to hear, but this is an obvious opportunity to learn some basic UML by creating some simple diagrams yourself.

For doing the actual drawing etc Visual Paradigm is not bad - it has a free Community Edition for personal non-commercial use.

thanks for your reply,
yeah i knew it wasnt going to be that easy, just by press of the button to generate my diagram.
do you know any good tutorials that would show how to create sequence diagrams and would also show java code that the diagrams are created from. this would be very helpful

thank a lot