I'm looking for a simple way to rotate a shape in python, tkinter. The shape I'm rotating is a triangle (polygon) if it matters. Thanks in advance for all the help

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You can multiply with suitable complex number http://effbot.org/zone/tkinter-complex-canvas.htm

Re: rotating canvas item (Tkinter) 80 80

cool thanks tonyjv that helps. Does anyone know a way to rotate anything other than polygons and lines... like say an image? again thanks in advance

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The simplest way to rotate an image with the Tkinter GUI toolkit is to use the Python Image Library (PIL) rotate function.

to download PIL versions for Python27 and Python32

A simple example ...

from PIL import Image

image = Image.open('Audi.jpg')

# rotate 270 degrees counter-clockwise
imRotate = image.rotate(270)
filename = "AudiRotated2.jpg"

# a simple way to show the image file is to use module webbrowser
# which activates the default viewer associated with the image
# works with Windows and Linux
import webbrowser
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