Hi there,

I think im trying to do something pretty simple but i can't find a simple explanation.

What i have:
I have five Textboxs (1 to 5)
I have a Button
I have a Datagrid with five columns (1 to 5)

What i want to do:
on a button click
put whatevers in the 5 textboxs in the specified columns
create another row below
and so on..

I don't know why its not a easy as:

DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Cells("Column1").Value = TextBox1

Etc, then create another row and repeat.

I'm pretty new to VB so any help would be greatly appriciated.



See if this helps.

DataGridView1.Rows.Add(TextBox1.Text, TextBox2.Text, TextBox3.Text, TextBox4.Text, TextBox5.Text)

Thank you Codeorder, you're a legend! i new it had to be something along those lines.