I know I may not be ready for this but I want to make a client side application that will talk to a server and be able to inspect element. I know some Windows APIs and C++ but I am not sure how to log in the web-site with the application I want to make. It has a bunch of cookies and log-in page. I think I will need winsock but I am not sure. What I want to do is a bot for a game. Every 5-10 minutes it will log in to the game (it will work in the background) and check some html. In a game if someone attacks me a button lights up and I looked in HTML and the html changes that button and makes it flash. So I want to connect to the server as a user, send some requests and get some html. Then I want a window to pop-up and alert me that I am under attack. The part I don't know how to do is about connecting to the server and logging in. Which library should I use for making a program that will connect to a server as a user and sending specific requests and looking at html of the web page?

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Thanks, I only know c++. I am going to learn php but first I want to learn c++ really good.

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