Hi, i am writing a program that plays “guess what number I’m thinking of…” with you. User Inputs guesses and output whether the number is too low, too high, or right-on. I already wrote the program to have the user guess what number the computer is guessing; however, can anyone please help me on writing an algorithm to have the computer guess the user's number?

How would you guess the number? Write out those steps, and that's your algorithm.

It might be something along the lines of:

Pick a number halfway between the minimum and maximum possible numbers.
If correct, stop.
If too high, change possible maximum to this guess minus 1 and start again.
If too low, change possible minimum to this guess plus 1 and start again.

no i am asking how to i have the computer guess what number the user is thinking!

Moschops is saying you program the computer to do the same thing you do without the computer. What's your first guess? Make the computer to the same thing.

no i am asking how to i have the computer guess what number the user is thinking!

I just told you how. Perhaps some code might help.

int minimumNumber = 0;
int maximumNumber = 100;
int guessCorrect = 0;
int nextGuess;
cout << "Think of a number between 0 and 100." << endl;

  nextGuess = getNextguess(minimumNumber, maximumNumber);
  cout << "Is it " << nextGuess << "?" << endl;
  // Get answer from user here - if yes, change guessCorrect to 1
  //    if they say higher, change the minimumNumber
  //    if they say lower, change the maximumumber

return 0;


getNextguess is a function that makes a sensible guess between the two numbers passed to it.

It seems that you've realised the actual difficult aspect of programming. Syntax is easy; the hard part is working out how to actually solve the problem.

Oh yea thanks very much i understand now. But i believe "getNextguess" is undefined in your syntax. does it need to be declared before the cout? But then if i do that wouldn't i be using it as a function?

Yes. You will have to make a function named getNextGuess that returns a sensible next guess.