Hi, folks
I'm really having a bad time learning Tkinter. I started this morning and it was gooing pretty wel, but I cam accross this problem.
How to make application windows of fixed size i.e. maximize button in the title bar is disabled?
And also is there any way to change that caption tk in the title bar?
I choose to learn Tkinter since I assumed that it 100 % Python multiplatform bla bla, but it seems now that wxPython is a better choice....?

- Micko

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You can do all this with Tkinter ;)

from Tkinter import *

root = Tk()
# change the title
root.title("Great Title")
# set the geometry of the main window, the
# format is widthxheight+x_offset+y_offset
# the following can also be written as root.resizable(0,0)
# now you can't change the width and height of the
# main window, but I'm not sure if it disables the
# maximize button


Regards, mawe

Thank you very much.
I'll try to find a solid Tkinter documentation ...

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