Hello first off I appologize if this is posted in the wrong forum and I'm sure if it is a moderator will kindly move it to the correct location. I did try to find a suitable place and this seemed the most logical choice to me, I did also try and find a place to start a study group on the web but to be honest I want to get a good study group and not a bunch of spyware and spam which was the road that seemed to be headed down.

I am not completely new to programming I would say I am intermidiate level in python but I would like to spread my wings a bit and delve into the realm of a lower level language. While it was a great learning experience and alot of fun to teach myself along with the help of many great people here at daniwebs the python language, I thought it might be fun to try a group senario while learning c++.

I would like to keep it small and simple 3 or 4 members max. Please realize also if you are interested I have had some experience programming so I intend to be realistic in the pace of learning the language while at the same time I realize that there may be diffrences with learning ability and drive in the group that will be things that maybe discussed from within the group. Not to mention I am a hobbiest and not going to be particularly interested in "grinding" every little chance I get. But as I stated I am also passionate about it and these are just things for anyone interested to keep in mind before replying.

After reading all that if there is anyone that would be interested in joining the group please leave an email for me to contact you with in this thread, I will be replying from williampolatis@yahoo.com. Please DO NOT send me an email as I will be responding on a first come first served basis and if for some reason somebody doesn't fit or work out I will work down the list in the order I recieve it.

Also just a suggestion to daniweb since I absolutly love this place, maybe there should be a special forum for this type of thing and I hope this isn't against any rules that I am unaware of and I appologize if this thread creates any unwanted issues. I would ask if you could kindly keep it open at least until I mark it as solved at which point I should have the group I'm looking for. Thank you very much and happy coding kiddies!!

ill join iv studying programming for a year now I understand everything there is but when it come down to programming I still need experience. I am taking courses right now pleae add me . my email i [email removed]