Im using visual studio .net 2003 (not 2005) and I'm looking for a good database to work at and also helpful articles to help me, a newbie to c# and database, start creating a database and linking my forms' data from visual studio to the database.

1) If it is possible, how/where can I get templates or even completed database from people's app so that I can modify the codes and link to my program? Im sorry, but I've a time constrain now... I've been trying to do but failed as I could not understand the terms/meanings regarding databases...

2) What are the different database systems available that can be used with visual studio . net 2003 (yes, not 2005)?

3) What are the database systems available that provide a large data storage space and allow huge number of people to access/update the database at the same time?

4) I've downloaded microsoft sql 2005 server express. I've also spent the past few hours looking for step-to-step guide to start using and creating a database. However, up till now I still have no idea how to start using this sql server express. Any helpful links for newbies to start doing a database?

Im wondering, is visual studio .net 2003 compatible with microsoft sql 2005 server express? This is because I only see Deep Integration with Visual Studio 2005 titles/headings associated with microsoft sql 2005 server express.

PS: Anyone with similar experience regarding visual studio .net 2003 and has to create a database, please give me a tip or two..

Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it a lot especially if you can provide me with resources to question 1 above.

Well ok, SQL 2005 Server Express is a good starting point. You could use Access, MySQL, or Oracle as other possible databases. Depends on your knowledge and experience. Knowing the differences between T-SQL and PL-SQL is also something to consider. For the size of the setup you are describing I suggest SQL Server (express may be limited), MySQL or Oracle.

Creating the database is kind of general term. Basically when you create a database, you need to create tables and their structures, relationships between tables, and indices (if required). CREATE TABLE statements are easily done through Visual Studio.

In the IDE you should see a tab next on the left handside (may vary depending on your layout type in Visual Studio 2003 that you have chosen) should show a server tab. Clicking on that should display all list of servers (probably 2005 express in your case) running on the system that you can interact with. As well you can right click and add a new server or a specific server table connection.

From there you will have a set of folders/icons that show things like databases (ie. Northwind, Pubs, etc), tables, stored procedures, functions, etc that are part of that database server. You can right click on the tables section and choose new table and Visual Studio will provide you with the basic table structure statement. This is the same for creating Store procedures, relationships, etc. Hence why Visual Studio is called a Rapid Application Development environment (RAD).

unfortunately there is no "template" you can use to build the database tables / relationships for you. Because your application will with out a doubt call different tables, columns, and stored procedures. So you have to build your db from the ground up and then build your application.

Note: Application development procedures - Define explicitedly what the output /results will be of the application. Define how the application will look, operate to produce those results / outputs. Then build the database to store the data required to have the application function inorder to produce the output desired.

Make sense?

Hope this helps.


thanks for the informative reply... i learnt a few things i didnt know before... thanks =)

just want to ask what are master, model, msdn, tempdb... and so under which node (master, model, msdn or tempdb) do i go to to create table? when i right click on table i only get refresh and properties... i dont see any create table or new table options...
what's wrong and what's happening?

my experience and knowledge is very little regarding computer and IT stuff... it's my first attempt at c#, database and i hope what i need to do will use as little command prompt as possible... i need to know which is the easiest database to use, can store lots of data and can be used/accessed by many users though im not doing a web app... just something like an intranet...

btw what are the steps for doing a database? what i actually mean is, i've to choose a database, install it, connect to the database, create tables etc right? what are the exact steps to do it? i've a form done in visual studio .net 2003 already..

now i want to pass the data to database when the user chooses to update some particulars with the form... if some of the user's data is the same as before (so i've to create some "older" data too) for example his name and gender is the same, but address is different and he now has a phone number which he didnt have any previously, i've to keep only one record of name and gender in database (no duplicates), change his address and add in a new data > phone number into the database... no data will be deleted (data will only increase)...
of course, not just being able to do updates, i also want to do viewing (i mean i want to let user get the data from database just like user also get data from database when he wants to do updates, but for viewing purpose the data is only retrieved and displayed, unlike for updates where the data is retrieved, displayed and can be updated back to database)
that's about what i want to do and i just need to know the steps to go about doing all that i want to achieve eventually...
now my stage is just having installed sql 2005 server express (though it doesnt really meet my needs like the size is not satisfactory and i donno how to use it)
if there's an easier and better database (free database please), i'll gladly use it...

thanks for your attention and hope you can give me a solution to what i want to do... i appreciate it... thanks again! =)

Ok, what you need to do is step back and relax. You are trying to do too much at once, and not getting any real understanding and logic before proceeding.

Logical Process to Developing an Application is how I stated before. Determine your output; reports, displays, etc. Determine what your interface with the user and the db would look like. Then from there you know what you would have for fields and tables in the database.

I would assume you have no knowledge of Relational Database Design? You need to learn about SQL and database designs. One place to start is a book. Another is google and websites like : HERE
Granted this site is tailor to the Web, the principles are still the same.

This will give you a start to SQL. My advice is for the your first time, use Access (if you have it), if not, then use SQL Express.

Master, tempdb, etc are prebuilt databases, with data in them. So that is not what you want. You want to make a new database.

Now when you Expand the tree view in Visual Studio you will get the SQL servers Choice, expand that and you should get the SQL Server that is running on your system. Here you can right click on the Server Instance and Choose New Database, to create a new DB. Then you can expand the database view and get table, views, and stored procedures. Right click on the tables folder and choose New Table.

I would suggest you do some reading first on databases, and design principles. As well as some reading of some tutorials on C# like HERE and HERE

It is nice that you have the form designed, but what is the code behind it?

The order I would recommend you do stuff:

1. Learn the basics of C#, and Windows Forms and skim sites like this
2. Learn about Databases, and relational database design, and why it is important
3. Learn about ADO.Net and how to implement connectivity from your application and the database.

Sounds like a lot, but it isn't. You could learn that by going to the sites I gave you, and doing some google searches, and reviewing the tutorials here on Daniweb (even the ASP.Net ones) over a weekend, and you could easily do some of this things you want to do.

Hello I'm using visual studio 2008 for the 1st time and my boss just asked for a specific task .
so I've already created a database of 4 tables : " Books , Authors, Categories, publisher ". now he wants to diplay in asp.net in visual studio using c# ,every Author and under him what books he wrote .

so how do I do that ? in details
plz anyone , it's kinda urgent :S

if U know write me back on julienhalaby@yahoo.com

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Use Database connectivity tools like:
2.Datagrid or
3. Repeaters

I prefer using Datagrid. Just drag drop and follow the instructions.

thanks a lot .

but in my toolbox there is only grid view , repeater and datalist .

I still can't figure out how to show what every author has in term of books .

if u can send me a detailed explanation and the code , I'll be very gratefull .

thank u for ur help !

Don't hesitate to reply on julienhalaby@yahoo.com

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