Does anyone know why I am getting an error on this line of code below? Thanks for you help in advance.

vector < vector < htNode<B> > > table;

is B defined? I mean are you using this in a template function or class?

I am using a template and yes B is defined.

You have to post more code. And also the compilation error you get.

Make sure you have at least this :

#include <vector>
using std::vector;

struct B{};

template<typename T>
struct Node{};

int main(){
 vector< vector< Node<B> > > table;
 return 0;

Here is my code concerning the error:

Note: There is more below but I didn't feel like it was necessary to paste.

template <class A>
struct htNode
string key;
A index;

template <class B>
class ht //(character ternary tree)
vector < vector < htNode<B> > > table;
int tabSz;
unsigned mask;
unsigned djb_hash(const string &key, int len);


I see nothing wrong with the code you've posted. Please post a small, complete file together with the error message you get when you try to compile it.

Man post like this pisses me off. People should have at least the common sense to post a complete example and the error or problems they are having. They think we can read their minds or something.

I figured it out! Thanks everyone.

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