a. Create a database named “techdb” and create a table as “Personal” with Employee No, Name , Age & Salary

b. Insert 2 records to the table
c. Design a form in VB.NET e to Add, delete and Update records

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ok class. todays assignment is go to daniweb, type out your homework question, and wait for someone to do this for you!

how about this: how far did you get so far?

commented: Sounds about right to me. :) +1
commented: count me in.:) +10

because of our teacher didn't teach this and several modules.this one model paper question..so how do i learn

well. what kind of database are you supposed to create. are you doing this in access, mysql, mssql? i would assume access for some reason but we dont even know that yet. what software/compilers did they give you for this project

hmm!ms access use how to create it

You need to go and read books and then complete your own assignment by yourself only.


What you also can do is, go to ask by uncle Googl or you can read this tutorial about databases with access.

specific web site for i can learn ..my inter net spee very slow

tnx Luc001! ur link i appreciate

tnx Luc001!


If that solved your question.
Mark your thread as solved. :)

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