hello i am new to this forum i am basically stuck with this programme and i need help....it is a brick game....i want to move the ball and slider at the same time without using threads....i am allowed to use the gotoxy function arrays and pointers thats it
can anyone help me

Maintain a game control loop that iterates through the movable components and updates them each 'tick' of the clock.

I once made something like that. Command prompt? Make a loop and then every second move update the screen and wait for input.

no visual C++...can you be a little more specific?
should i post my code?

while ( 1 ) {
   update_paddle (screen);
   update_ball (screen);
   update_other_moving_parts (screen);
   optional_sleep_delay ();

That is the framework. Each line is a function call to encapsulate behavior. Each call can take the screen as an argument (or you can design around this).
The sleep is so that you can control the pace at which things move around your screen.

i have used gotoxy to move my ball and i have used a 2d array to make the array.....so basically what u r saying is that i should call my functions in a infinite loop?
should i post my code here or not?:/

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