Hello ,
all dear.
I was not here for long time. I got project for a tuck shop please suggestion me what type of database i hae yo use MS access,Sal, Orelle or other ease tool?
Zeb noon

MySQL. its free to use.

thx dear jx
i mostly work on MS acess database .Please tell me how to use Sql data db to create? which tool i have to install?What are requirements?

Hy JX!
I want to create database with ADO object.
secondly I want create Tables,Fields with SQL queries in VB6 Module.as i with need to create database Just as form will be loaded My complete DB will be created?
Please hep me.
zeb noon

Hi Zeb noon,
Please post your new question on new thread, with new title. you can get many helps from other members and gurus in new thread. i will help you there too.
Just keep the this thread for your originally question.
And Don't Forget to Mark This Thread As Solved.