hi there ,,,
im new to this forums and i really need somehelp in paython as i've got this homework and i need somehelp with it !! ,,, and im so stuck in it !

1.Write a function to find average of a series of numbers entered by the user.

•The function should first prompt the user for how many numbers are to be processed.
•It should then print the average of the numbers entered by the user.

2.Write a function that will take ten character string as a parameter and will display following in the screen

•If the parameter consists of more than 10 letters it will display a message that string length is larger than ten characters and will give option to the user for entering new words.
•It will get every even letters of that string and print them.
•It will reverse the letters of the word and print.

3.Using math library write a function which will have following functionality

•It will ask for two inputs from user, where one of them is string and the other one is a float number.
•It will get the length of the string and produce the cubic product of it. In addition it will display it.
•Function will get the integer value of entered float number and square it. In addition it will display it.
•Finally it will divide the cubic number by square number and prints triangle made of ‘#’.


No one here is going to do your homework for you, well I will but for $40.

This forum is for helping you with your code; as in write it yourself, and if you get stuck at some point, show us what you have so far and we will help.

Hi and welcome to my favorite place on earth for the most part. What they are saying is true people are great here and will help you to become great if you want. On the other hand it's not a group of babysitters. The great part about your assignment is it is the english translation of what you already need to do, which is how you should start all your programs. So step one is complete. Now you need to start traslating it to python.

1.write a function - Do I know how to write a function? If not google is my friend.
If I do I know it looks like this.

def function_name(arguments_if_any):
    #statements or in other words things the funtion will do
    #hmmmmmm function should prompt user for how many numbers
    #should be processed when i learned about basic input output
    #and variables I know this should work out ok.
    howmany = input("How many numbers: ") #get user input and store in variable
    print howmany #print works good to see what they entered
    #now i need to ask the user for that many numbers... but how?
    #oh yeah loops work good for that.
    while howmany > 0: #my while loop will loop until it reaches 0
        howmany -= 1
        print howmany #for testing purposes
        #now i need to ask for input again and compute the average of
        #the numbers the user enters. then move on to question 2

function_name(None) #test and run my function no arguments so pass None
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