Any good beginner books on python?

I want to learn python easy and fast.I have coded some basic programs in c,c++,Java.
Wanna learn python for scripting in linux.

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I really like Beginner Python: Using Python 2.6 and 3.1, in the Wrox Programmer to Programmer series. It's very good at explaining basic concepts and syntax (which it looks likes you already know), but it also shows you some really cool and overlooked features and shows you how to do some really cool things with Python(make sockets, set up an HTTP server, extend Python with C, access databases, fly, discover the secret to life, etc.)

Here's the link to it:

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I think some tutorials found through google would suffice. Everything you need to know is already on the net.

But if you want a physical book in front of you, O'Reilly makes some pretty good books as well. Some found here.

Also if you want to get into some hacking with python, I would highly recommend Grey Hat Python

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Well, I need a book in which there are enough examples/codes given.I wanna do my major academic project in python.So,I have like 3-4 months to learn python and i wanna be really good at it. :)

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