I am looking to start learning the python language and I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up to any good IDE's for the language?

I have a list here: but because there are so many I have no idea where to even start.

Thanks in advance.

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The editor question is very personal issue, TAB completion of commands or variable names is for me the main point of IDE. The IDE however changes the environment of running program and running time, so ultimately you must test it also from command line. I have managed quite OK with only IDLE and ConTEXT editor which is set up to launch various versions of Python as I have yet to find IDE which works with multiple Python versions installed. Even they tend to have their own installation of Python which I mostly find annoying.

Actually IDLE that comes with the normal Python distribution is quite good. If you use WIndows and have Python32, you can run this little batch file to get IDLE going ...

REM a batch file to force IDLE to use Pyhon32
REM saved as IDLE32.bat
C:\Python32\pythonw.exe -u C:\Python32\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw

There is an improved version of this program available as VIDLE for Python2:

For more info see:

It is also fun to experiment with the 3D graphics of the VPython package. Installing VPython will install VIDLE.
For Python27 download from:

If you have the Windows OS, you can download the portable version of Python27 or Python32 from:

That comes with a very nice editor (IDE) called PyScripter.

The portable version allows you to run Python from a flashdrive, or simply pass on your code to a computer that does not have Python installed.

PyScripter is the best one in my opinion. it supports many versions of Python


If you work with Python on a scientific project, then Spyder is the way to go. It is written in Python and Pyside (PyQT). I like the pleasant layout of the IDE and its many tools and options.

IDLE IDE is best in my opinion. It's open source and uses great color scheme and indention. It's also light in process and does not consume much memory and does not hang too often like Eclipse.
If you have Windows, You can use PyScripter.

I personally use Notepad++ for almost everything.

there is also Eric IDE if u use ubuntu it comes with Qt designer and it compile the Qt file to a python script

I downloaded the eric5 IDE from:
I extracted the zip file to directory
Then I ran
which created

I must say that I am impressed with the Eric5 IDE (it is written in PyQT).
It seems to handle function input() well, whereas Editra gives an error.

One question, how does it translate the xml file created by the QT designer?

Let's not forget the DrPython IDE from:
it has a set of very nice plugins you can download for it

However, I think it only handles Python2?

I absolutely love PyCharm, and would highly recommend it.

Thanks Lardmeister, I gave the Eric5 IDE a try and it handles well.

There is a neat way to tell the IDE about Python2 and Python3 code and which version of the Python interpreter to use, simply by the file extension. I used .py2 for all code that only works with Python2, or I want to check with Python2. Set it up via the debugger preference to use the .py2 extension with a selected Python2 version.

Eric5 is a great IDE, I use it all the time.
Under the Extra tab I like spell checking and the large set of tools.

Just thought I would add my 2 cents. IDLE is my 'goto' for small scripts and quick prototyping/testing. If it's not that then its 'Kate' (kde's text editor for programmers, a gnome equivalent would be gEdit).

But for bigger projects, like my Django site that has like 78 modules (due to the way django works), I use Eclipse or Aptana (Eclipse-fork) with the PyDev installed. It has auto-completion and git-integration.

I'm rarely on Windows anymore, but when I am I use PyScripter.

If you use the Windows OS and IronPython, then you can use the SharpDevelop4 IDE with its MS Studio like Formbuilder.

geany is good - has more features than I know how to use yet. Windows and Linux versions. I use this most on both Windows and Linux.
kate is also good - if you are using Linux. It is th gedit of the KDE desktop environment.
You have to ask yourself "What features does my current IDE not have that I want." I have tried pycharm, but the default colour-scheme was difficult. For a paid tool, I would like it to be easier to adjust the colours.
I used to teach python using just Idle, notepad++ and a terminal emulator. Idle is pretty good.

Wingware IDE professional. There is a free version but the paid version with project support is worth the money, I think they have a trial also Great support, by a paid staff; very responsive. Version upgrades have been troublefree. I use it on ubuntu and windows 7, and laptop W7, problem free license for me.

For simple stuff in many languages check the online IDE at

IDC if this has been solved, I feel my input is needed :)

IMO, VS2010 with PythonTools 1.5 is the best IDE.
it may not be as glamorous as Eclipse or PyScripter,
but it certainly has more functionality and accuracy than either of them.

-intellisense (PyScripter does a better job than Eclipse)
-split file scrolling (not sure about PyScripter, but Eclipse doesn't have this)
-interactive interpreter support (for any python interpreter)
-multiple and custom python interpreter support (Python, IronPython, Cython, Jython, etc...)

-"indentation guides" like notepad++ (add-in)(download on google (that name))

I'm also waiting for PythonTools 2.0 which offers many more features including C++ integration.

I've also tried SharpDevelop, and it's not really all that good for python development...
it uses IronPython as it's main, which presents issues for python add-ins.
configuring external interpreters is a pain.

What is the installed size of VS2010 with PythonTools 1.5?

306MB is my installation's size...
but I have a broken isolated installation as well, which I think takes up. ~100MB
and I also have other add-ons installed.

so all in all, it's a pretty decent size :)
(not that I care about it XD)

man, you sure as heck don't get much with the free version do ya... heh

btw, I had gotten a cracked version of VS2010 Ultimate, so now I've got C++ among a BUNCH of other languages. :P
and it even comes with python tools 1.5! yay

and I just installed a few extensions which highlight words like NotePad++ and mark the tab positions in my code

but if I must, I have to 2nd Aptana as 2nd best IDE, though it doesn't have all the flashy intellisense popups which are very useful... heh

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