hello everybody.

i bulding now a software with a data-base i am using MFC lib.

i need help how to add, edit & use data base in vc++

tks biny.

You need a database library

I would recommend you look into sqlite, it is a great database library.

Hope that helps!


sqlite is fine for very very small jobs. But so are just simple text files. For large jobs you will want an SQL compliant database such as MySQL of even MS-Access. In that case you will have to learn SQL (Structured Query Language) Links to tutorials here

Here is another tutorial geared specifically for MFC

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Do you have to download a connector for MySQL to link to C++ ? (was working on a project in Visual Basic and had to download the connector for it to properly connect)

By connector do you mean a library? AFAIK you have to have MySQL installed on your local machine in order to write c++ programs because that's when the header files and libraries are installed.

Tanks. But I need deferent guide. Please

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