which games are supported by windows 8. and what is needed to play games in windows 8

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You can check the compatibility center for software and hardware. Incompatible doesn't mean it won't work, but it might take some finagling to get it to work.

Most of the games that run on Windows 7 should run fine on Windows 8. You may have issues with older games.

I've had issues with older games that ran fine on Windows 7. ;)

I would do a case by case basis. If the game doesn't work properly right click on the short cut and go to properties. Set the compatibility mode to windows 7 and see if they work.

Since hardware is getting bigger & bigger, it requires superb software to run with as well. Many games now run properly on win 8 & 8.1.

Mostly all the games which are running in windows 7 is running comfortably in windows 8 there is no problem in playing games I have found in the windows 8 OS.

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