Hello people,
What exactly is a word ?
I know a word is basically a unit and i know the word=2 bytes on an x-86 processor.
But is the word size the same on an Itanium Processor as well ?
I feel 1 word = 2bytes(x86)
= 4bytes(32 bit system)
= 8bytes(64 bit system)
That is the word size ,is always taken such that The size of a pointer is always equal to 1 word

Please clarify

byte == 8 bits
word == 2 bytes (16 bit)
dword == 4 bytes (2 words) (32 bit)
qword == 8 bytes (2 dwords or 4 words (64 bit))

in 32bit assembly the size of a pointer is a dword not a word, pointers are 32 bit. the sizes stay the same in a 32 bit system, 64 bit system, 128 bit system etc... in a 64 bit system, they have other sizes like dqword...